Small Wonder robot girl

2008/11/12 § 9条评论

Source:Boing Boing – A directory of wonderful things Posted by David Pescovitz, November 11, 2008 12:09 PM | permalink

“Small Wonder was a TV show in the 1980s that I had (fortunately?) forgotten about. It stars Tiffany Brissette as a robot girl named Vicki (VICI, or Voice Input Child Identicant). Discuss. Small Wonder (YouTube), Small Wonder Home Page (Semi-official) (Thanks, Richard Metzger!)

所谓的80后对于美剧的早期记忆,除了growing pains,是否应该也给‘她’腾个地儿呢~ms当时我还是小学低年级来着,而且,它的播出频率远远低于‘烦恼’,长大后似乎再也没有人提起过了。但是今天倒是凑巧被我看见了,证明咱原来没有出现illusion!开心XD~



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