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可爱的Tim Gunn~make it work (^bitch^—from Christian)



 现在剩下的都是gay了~~~~仅剩的"normal one"Kevin走了>_< 、、、
"En Garde!"
In Episode 408, the designers are told to create an outfit based on TRESemmé hair style. They are left to work in groups of two and asked to create one avant -garde look and one Read-to-Wear look. Due to conflicting work habits and skill levels some teams have more problems than others, as they struggle to make it work.
on TRESemme的插页pic
简介~有点冗长- –

HOMETOWN: Annapolis, MD
EDUCATION: Baltimore School for The Arts and The American InterContinental University, London
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood
FASHION MUST: Amazing jacket or blazer.
Christian, the youngest of the contestants in Season 4, is a freelance designer who travels between New York City and Los Angeles, working with designer Rosetta Getty.
Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, Christian began his career in fashion at the early age of 13 working for a local trendy salon "Bubbles." Creating costumes for the yearly hair show competition while he attended the Baltimore School For The Arts, his hunger for fashion became apparent and upon graduation he took an international leap toward his future at The American Intercontinental University, London. Quickly adapting to the fashionable European lifestyle, he showed a small collection during London Fashion Week in Fall 2005. Christian was given the opportunity to work for the queen of punk herself, Vivienne Westwood, where he gained valuable experience, leading him into a position at Alexander McQueen his senior year.


个人觉得Jillian不错!有心思和手工的一位~不过动作磨了一点= =会拖后腿~不知道会不会final



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